Welcome New Members

We Welcome New Members to the Christian Music Network

Christian Music Network is a ministry involving Christians involved in Christian Music Ministries. Believers who have an interest of being involved in a Christian Music Ministry in any capacity and who have a desire to help or network and fellowship with others in ministry. With that being said, we welcome and need new members of The Christian Music Network.

Why Become A Member?

Why become a member? That is a good question. Christian Music Network is, through prayer and divine guidance, operated and maintained by our members. We pray and hope that when becoming a member, that appreciate the Christian Music Network and that you have a desire to participate in supporting us in the spread of the Gospel and the message of Jesus Christ through word and music. We offer two types of memberships: Basic Membership and Premium Membership. Both are detailed in the nex section "Membership Benefits"

Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of becoming a member? That is another good question. There are two levels of memberships. The first is our Basic Membership with our basic member benefits plan which consists of various promotions and special invitations to events that the Christian Music Network is assisting or promoting. The second is our Premium Membership with special promotions, invitations, and offers as they become available. In addition, Premium Members are those whom are elegible for leadership roles for various positions in our organization. Premium Members also receive a Christian Music Network T-Shirt. All members are encouraged to attend our weekly Christian Music Network meetings. Refer to the CMN Meetings link. You will also be invited to participate in our Annual Membership Meeting.

Membership Cost

What is the cost to be a member? Your cost to become a member, along with the rest of our membership, allows for our website to be maintained and for renewal fees each year. It is also to provide office materials for our support and administration staff in addition to creating and distributing Newspaper Ads and Flyers for all of our up-coming events. Since we are an all volunteer organization and that we do not rent, lease, or have to maintain any office space, our costs of operations is very low. The cost of becoming a member is $10.00 a year. The cost for our premium membership is $25.00 a year.

Membership Registration

To become a member, we require that you become registered with Christian Music Network as a member along with your membership option and yearly fee.

Membership Form

Please click the Membership Form link to become a registered Christian Music Network Member: Membership Form